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The Filmmaker / Patrick Morell

Patrick Morell Documentary Cinematographer Thule Greenland

Patrick Morell was born in France, in the rugged Mountain region of Les Vosges near Alsace Lorraine, bordering Germany’s Black Forest. He learned his craft at the Louis Lumiere Film School in Paris, and earned degrees in philosophy and journalism at the University of Paris Sorbonne/Vincennes. In addition to his love of nature and related themes, Patrick as a cinematographer and director, was greatly influenced by the Cinema Verite style.

In the early 80’s he moved to the Western United States and gained film experience, as a freelance cameraman filming features such as the dark thriller “the Masseuse”, in the streets of San Francisco. He also scouted for “the Golden Spike” a Sam Peckinpah project in San Francisco and he shot commercials for an advertising agency in Sacramento.

In Los Angeles, he provided advisory services in Documentary film classes at UCLA while working as an actor, with minor roles in So I Married an Ax Murderer and The Last of the Mohicans.

Moving to New York City, Patrick filmed videos portraying the lives of artists as well as educational and institutional programs for several video production companies including Maysles Films, the Arthur Schomburg Institute in Harlem and the Smithsonian in Washington.

His body of work either as a shooter and director has been featured in a wide array of International documentaries for European television (Arte France, TV 5 France, and Studio 21 Sarajevo) and for US broadcasting (PBS, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, and HBO).

Traveling extensively in Greenland and South East Asia and most recently in India and Cuba, his library of work covers global stories including the ones related to climate change, the environment and indigenous cultures.

“Powerful documentary film-making requires seeing beyond the surface of life, and bringing to light the inner dimension of culture, mind, and spirit that compels individuals and societies to act as they do. It is that intention – the desire to bring the whole story to light, not merely its most accessible features — that drives me to the end of the world for this film.” – Patrick Morell

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